Mark Herbkersman

Internationally acclaimed author of the Henry Family Chronicles western series!

Henry Family Chronicles

Action-packed, gripping novels and short stories
of the men and women of the West!

Riveting history-based action testifies to the endurance of the human spirit. Meet the Henry family: fearless, no-nonsense, with an aversion to backing down. When one Henry is wronged, it becomes the vendetta of all.

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Winston Corner Series

Spellbinding mystery, compelling drama, diverting humor and heart-thrilling romance fill every page of this exciting duo! These books are a powerful sleep-stopping testimony to what exists in the small towns dotting the map. Winston Corner could be YOUR hometown!

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"This is the first book I have read that was written by Mark and it will not be the last. I plan to read the next in this series."

My Story

Midwestern or Western?

While my body may be stuck in the Midwest, my heart is out west.


Used Books

Mark is every bit as good as Louis L'Amour.


I just couldn't put the book down!