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A Wild and Lonely Land


Surrounded by vicious gunmen, her husband bleeding at her feet, Carrie realizes she must survive at all costs - or they both will die! Levering another shell into the chamber, she sets her jaw and takes aim.


In these stories of the wild, untamed western lands, be prepared to grip your seat as you experience the adventure, danger, bullets, and blood. See the determination and grit of the men and women who explored, tamed, and settled the land.


Meet Pacheco, the man from Mexico who is both dangerous and tender. Ride with the feared Liam Henry as he seeks justice for a murdered friend. Stand with Josie as she saves a child and fearlessly faces the guns of killers. Brush shoulders with Maddie, who is the Washita Lady. Plus much, much more.


Mark's masterful stories bring the truth of the Old West to life and draw readers into the saddle to ride the trails and smell the gunsmoke. A common response is, "I can't put it down!" Mount up, check your cartridge belt, and head out!

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