About the Author


I have always loved the old West. Spending my high school and college years in Idaho, I became enamored with the mountains and the characters of a more rugged life.

After college, I left Idaho and ventured across the country in search of a dream, but was stopped in my tracks by a Hoosier farmgirl! With a B.A. in History from Boise State University and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Ball State University, I have experience as counselor, seminar speaker, adjunct college faculty, pastor, hospice chaplain and now author. An avid reader all my life, I have spent countless hours with my favorite author, Louis L'Amour. I enjoy sharing the adventure and clear morals of the classic west in my Henry Family Chronicles and short stories.


Always stretching and growing, I have been exploring the role of strong women in the making of the West. A Wild and Lonely Land, a collection of short stories, includes significant female leads. My next full-length novel will showcase Katherine Henry, in which I will shatter any notions of weakness in western women.


In appreciation of my small-town connection, I published Saving Winston Corner and the sequel, A Rip in the Corner. Both include humor, drama, romance and celebrate the connections and lifestyle of not only the small towns of Indiana, but those dotting the maps across the country.


I love to support, encourage, and make a difference in the lives of others, from those struggling with the issues of life to those pursuing a dream.