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The Branding of Otis Henry (Henry Family Chronicles Book 3)


He was picked for a reason!


Major Otis “Bull” Henry comes alive in this story of Civil War adventure. An officer respected by his superiors, Henry is given a likely fatal mission to rescue a prisoner who is vital to the war effort. Despite the odds, there is nothing in him that would cause him to shrink from the task.


At the head of a handpicked group of men who would follow him to the mouth of Hell, he rides behind enemy lines in search of a single man. Along the way, there is peril and potential discovery as they ride farther and farther and have no one to trust but themselves.


A story of valor, of ingenuity, new friendships, dreadful danger, and ultimate sacrifice.Ride along with Otis and his men on this action-packed adventure.

Used Books

I bought all the books in this series for my brother-in-law as a gift since he enjoys reading westerns - and he loved the books! He says they're excellent - as good as Louis L'Amour

I am not much of a reader. It takes a lot to keep me interested. This book kept me on the edge of my seat all the way through. I had a hard time putting it down. Very good read!!

Great story, intriguing characters, and an attention holding plot. Eagerly anticipating the release of the fourth book!