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The Christmas Train (Henry Family Adventures)


Snowbound in a high mountain pass, the train is a deathtrap and passengers must choose life or death.


Buck Henry has chosen life but is fighting against the odds. With leadership and resolve inherited from his famous father, Buck wages a desperate battle against time and the forces of nature. Meanwhile, back in New Haven, the Henry family unites to fight for their own.


In this companion edition to the internationally acclaimed multi-volume Henry Family Chronicles, compelling short stories bring readers deeper into the lives of the characters they love and introduce them to new members of the family. Filled with unexpected treasures, The Christmas Train delivers five special adventures to warm your heart through page-turning action and moments of delight.


Experience more of the gripping stories attracting so many fans to the world of the Henry family. See Otis again become “Bull” Henry, leader of men, find Skerby and Dooley sharing Christmas in a desolate mountain cabin, follow Tetch as he desperately seeks what was lost. All these plus more!

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This collection of Christmas themed short stories kept me interested to the end of each story. Another great book!

These stories are easy to read and understand. I would recommend this book of western short stories to any age group. God has blessed this author with the gift of storytelling. Impatiently awaiting the next work of art.

I love this collection of Christmas stories... uplifting and entertaining. It’s a perfect break during this busy season.