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Gideon's Redemption (Henry Family Chronicles Book 4)


Death was his life!


His family destroyed, revenge and pain created an ice-cold heart. He became a killer. Fast efficient and cold, Gideon’s talents commanded unbelievable fees. Killing was easy and rid the world of many for whom nobody grieved.


Anger in his heart kept a locked chain on his emotions until a new target brings a question. Vern Schmidt is different, with a pleasant family and a proud - and beautiful - daughter. Mary is strong and will not back down. For the first time, Gideon is forced to look long and hard at life.


Bowers is the power-hungry rancher who hired Gideon. The tables suddenly turn and the hunter becomes the hunted. A desperate battle for life ensues as death itself reaches its clawing hands toward Gideon.


Can he survive? Will desperation – and Mary – keep him alive? Will life be worth living?


Action-packed with riveting gunfights, betrayal, and life and death encounters, Gideon’s Redemption will grip your heart and mind to the very last bullet.

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Having read and enjoyed the first three books in the HENRY FAMILY CHRONICLES, I eagerly anticipated reading the fourth book. I just finished reading GIDEON'S REDEMPTION and I definitely was not disappointed!! It was difficult to put the book down. I would finish one chapter and tell myself just one more chapter, and then another and another... It is full of adventure, action, suspense, twists, and turns. It is a great western book. I hope there will be a book five. I am looking forward to more books by Mark Herbkersman.

I finished reading Gideon's Redemption last night. Stayed up late because I did not want to put it down. I have not read westerns in the past but the Henry Family Chronicles have opened me up to a whole new world. I have read them all in this series and enjoyed each one more and more. Definitely books you can read and re-read. I am loving this up and coming new author, Mark Herbkersman. Looking forward to the next one!