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Revenge on the Mountain (Henry Family Chronicles Book 2)


He traded his Bible for a gun! Preacher Teague is a troubled man. Everything he ever hoped for was taken away from him in a few brutal moments and turned him from a respected and beloved preacher to a gunman. Riding the trail with death before and behind, he was a hardened man seeking revenge upon those who destroyed his life.


He attracted trouble, yet his compassion never died.


Riding into an unfamiliar town in search of a break from the solitude of the West, he found himself embroiled in a fight which wasn’t his but which he couldn’t avoid. A young lady and her brother are up against the wall and being run off their land by a man with no scruples.


It wasn’t his fight, but he couldn’t turn away.

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Revenge on the Mountain was much more than just a follow-up in this series. Great storyline and attention to detail. Definitely a book you will want to finish once starting!

This was very interesting. Great book! Thoroughly enjoyed both of his books that I've read. Recommend it. Look forward to the third book.