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A Rip in the Corner (Winston Corner Series book 2)


Desperate for cash, a villain threatens to wipe Winston Corner off the map. Fighting a seemingly hopeless battle for their very existence, the town despairs. Terry, the town cop, once again joins forces with retired federal marshal Gavin Crockett to face the peril. Brick walls appear at every turn.


Suddenly, Kermit Wadsworth, an ancient and eccentric cowboy, gallops in on a horse named Ted. Is there more to this than meets the eye? Is it enough to change the game and save the town? Hope comes from odd places!


Readers will grip their seats with this second installment in the Winston Corner Series. Wonder aloud as skateboard and horse share the same road, laugh uproariously with the Liar’s Table at Schmeisser’s Donuts and Bratwurst, yell at Terry for dragging his feet with Kim, yearn for Cora’s return to health and cry for a way of life about to disappear.


The love, unity, and tenacity of this typical small town will force you to stand and cheer. Thousands of readers have found a home away from home in Winston Corner, a town that brings a smile to the heart.

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Dear to my heart! Very good book!

Such a great book! Fun read and a lot of effort was put into it. I highly recommend!!!