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Saving Winston Corner


Something disturbing is happening in Winston Corner! In this usually quiet town of many different characters, criminal activity is spreading. Gavin Crockett, a retired and bored lawman, finds his life renewed with a drive to solve the mystery.


Evidence surfaces indicating a connection to a deadly east coast crime syndicate. Danger builds and lives are threatened as Gavin leads the efforts to bring down the perpetrators. Along the way, Gavin and the town itself realize there is more to this community than meets the eye and there is more at stake than the crime itself.


Enjoy the mystery, the humorous antics of the Liar's Club, and the joy and beauty of a community joining hands to save its own.

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I read this in two evenings. I was so interested I couldn't put it down! Such a great bunch of characters and interesting twists. I highly recommend this book!

I just finished reading this book. What a fantastic read, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Life in an easy-going small town with plenty of quirky characters leads you through an interesting tale. Mark's use of short chapters makes you want to keep reading this book, it makes it hard to put down.

Saving Winston Corner is a fun quirky read. It has all the elements of a great book...humor, suspense, romance, heart warming moments, and lovable characters.